OCRA OTP Card - Custom

  • €500.00

OCRA OTP card with custom design in slim CR-80 credit-card format with LC-Display, touch keypad and battery. The OTP card has a 6-digit LC-Display and a 13-button touch keypad. The microprocessor runs an algorithm based on RFC 6287 (OCRA-1:HOTP-SHA1-6:C-QN08-PSHA1). The card is provisioned with a random and unique 20 byte secret key.

OTP.to can print custom designs for your use case and organization. We have Adobe Illustrator templates ready to share with your design department.We can assist in creating a design if we are provided with style guides and logos in vector formats. If you create your own design OTP.to will guide you and point out learned lessons in creating production ready designs.

The card designs are printed using an UV color printer. For improved tactile feedback each button is coated with transparent embossing. The battery will power the card for up to 3 years or about 3000 cycles.*

After activation, the display requests the user to input a 8-digit challenge. The user then enters a configurable 4-digit PIN. The card responds with a 6-digit response that is displayed for 20 seconds. In the last step the user enters the response into the interface that generated the challenge where it is verified. Details for custom run-time settings are listed on the product specification page.

A protective hard plastic case and a printout of the secret-key are included.

The card is sized in the commonly used ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 format (85.60 × 53.98 mm).

* For further product details please check the product specification page.